Everyday People

by El' Jistos

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There are a lot of things that are backwards in the world we live in. Homelessness is one of them. How do we have empty houses yet people with no homes? I see so many disused buildings in Sydney. How much food do we waste/throw away on a daily basis? I'm not trying to be a hero here but even just deciding to finish your meal and not waste food makes a difference to me because I know it all starts with attitude. I am not trying to change the world by raising money or starting campaigns. I am trying to change the world by changing peoples attitudes. Please take a moment to observe yourself, and what your mind thinks next time you walk past a homeless person. Are you judgemental? Are you accepting? I see it daily... ignorant people looking down on the homeless, and it breaks my heart. Now I'm no warrior myself, and I admit to have had negative thoughts about homeless people in the past but I have also gone out of my way to help several people with my bare hands, and take the time to listen to their stories. This is a pay what you wish download (free if you want) and all profits will go towards me actually first hand buying food for people who need it. I don't expect you to donate but please do take the time to listen to the song with an open mind to give yourself a chance to reflect. Thats all I can ask for. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Yours sincerely,



I step back from life for a while/
Recline into the back seat of this taxi I'm smashed/
Me, and this cabby have the same style ..../ we observe the world burn from a safe height//

the same type of smile, dilution of broken, hope.../ and downplay it mild till ya know your opponent/ oh it's so hopeless, to see the no hopers/ broken by the motions or snapped on their own it's//

Just another drunk, just another bum/ the funny thing is under it all it's just somebodies son/ sunken below an idea of appropriate function/ coulda suffered an injury or made redundant//

Their trade may have taken a brutal brunt and not recovered/ ...from the slump that drunk may have run a company/ could have just been unlucky but for others a jump up/ a machine replaced human with nothing left to clutch//

Poor as hell, more than Probably rich with stories to tell/ but I Guess people only wanna hear success/ not me, I talk to bums and listen to their digest/ the underdog is who I fight for, it ain't the A list//

Next verse imagine being homeless

Rodger is wise, but he lost his wife.. freak accident/ swerved, avoiding a child, crashed Their hilux/ Into a jewellery store causing extensive fire to erupt/ sentenced to debt cos his insurance wasn't comprehensive//

Peter was a leader teaching Rita how to read a/ sheet a music he knew piano but he played guitar/ peter fell down the steps at home broke his dome sent to a mental home/
No memory now they Let him go he's got nowhere to go//

I feel like a flustered jerk when I get stuck back at work/ leaving my alone partner to look after our girl/ so many families break because of distant relationships/ I feel I ain't contribute they feel abandoned and placed second//

Appreciate every second every breath taken in and out/ cos within a single minit it can flip n' spin around/ no bodies got it figured out don't live in doubt but don't pretend/ that they don't exist cos it could be you beggin for cents //......feelin' like nobody cares//

I’m feeling like no-body cares.
I’m Feeling like, i’m feelin like
no-body Cares


released July 24, 2017
Produced by Dusty Fingers
Rhodes played by Dizzy Dizcipl
Cuts by Dizzy Dizcipl
Recorded at Underwood Studios and Mighty Ash's Manor
Mixed by Espa and El' Jistos
Mastered by Mixed by Espa



all rights reserved


El' Jistos Australia


Tell it Straight.

No Bullshit.

Simple communication of complex subject matter.

El' Jistos and Illumes LP out spring 2015.

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